University & School Catering Services

Attention to detail and client services have always been part of our policy. They are amply demonstrated in regularly consulting with clients in the preparation of menus, and in taking time to listen to the needs and wishes of faculties administrations and individual clients as well.

While responding imaginatively and sympathetically to the facts and fashions that characterize a child's attitude towards food, the company also takes account of the basic nutrients which are essential for growth and sustained health. Using the most technologically advanced kitchen equipment, tasty and well balanced meals can be produced for schools and universities on a daily basis with rigorous hygiene procedures applied at every stage from production to distribution.

In addition, RCS is actively engaged in educational programs designed to teach children and adults about healthy eating.

In the university and higher education sector, we can also achieve great success by listening to people's needs. As a result of carrying our thoughtful modifications, such as designing refectories and dining halls to feel comfortable and look attrac¬tive, RCS managing partner has shown itself to be a leader in this challenging sector.