For over twenty years, BHTC has been dedicated to the provision of services for clients in remote locations. During this period, RCS has built up substantial resources in the form of skills, expertise and administrative support, which provide comprehensive life support services for clients, their workers and dependents.

The unique conditions of a hospital or nursing home environment make extra demands on this type of commercial operation. Food must not only be prepared in totally hygienic environment and to a very high standard, but also be synchronized to the special dietary needs of individual people.

Attention to detail and client services have always been part of our policy. They are amply demonstrated in regularly consulting with clients in the preparation of menus, and in taking time to listen to the needs and wishes of faculties administrations and individual clients as well.

In today's corporate world, more and more companies realize the advantages of providing staff catering facilities. As a sound commercial practice it can create a congenial atmosphere for discussing business, benefit indus¬trial relations, act as an incentive to prospective employees, and bolster the corporate image.

In addition to our high standard quality cuisine and overall sense of professionalism, it is our personal approach, which has helped to establish the Company as a successful operator in the exclusive sectors. Before planning a menu, our company personnel will visit you to determine your precise requirements and offer general advice. Every occasion is different and, as such, is treated as a unique event.

At RCS, we feed thousands of people every day throughout Yemen. As such, we are in the front line of the battle against poor sanitation and bad hygiene practices all the time. As caterers, it is our duty to do everything possible to ensure that the premises we use are kept to the highest possible standards of sanitation, and the food we offer is hygienically prepared, cooked and served.